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 We have A Blog to help you out During the makeover!  Ask Questions, share recipes and any other secrects.

 -One Great book with Core and Advanced Plan recipes is Healing Cuisine by Elise.  Try a search online.


You've become who you are by what you have thought and done in the past. To become what you want to be in the future, you must first think and then do what it takes to be just that...

It has been one week. How are you doing? How is your body responding? Are you finding it easier as you go? Harder? How is the motivation after just a few days? Hopefully I can help you see through some of the changes that you really must undergo to make this a lifestyle change.

Keys to Change

1. True Desire: You can want a lot of things however wanting something doesn't have you face the actual fear and feelings to facilitate a behavior change.  Facing your fears, the pro and cons, the success and failures is a big motivator or stops you in your tracks.

2. Strong Belief: Believing you can be successful at making changes: More on this later!!

3. Knowledge: You should by now posses' adequate information to approach behavior changes logically and healthfully… This is why you were at the seminar! You have the tools.

4. Plan for Change: If you fail to plan you plan to fail! You must have step by step, short term and long term idea to facilitate the desired changes!

5. Setbacks: they are inevitable in the best of circumstances. We can learn from our setbacks or let them interfere with our success. How we respond will determine the outcome. Setback should be viewed as learning experiences for continued success.

6. Progress: Find ways to measure, record, evaluate and reward progress!

There are 4 levels to learning better methods and seeing positive results, it will raise perceived self efficacy.

Mastery Experiences: these are created when an individual experiences success with any activity you will do it again. Past successes build the foundation to a strong belief… on that same line failures may undermine the strength of self efficacy this is why it is important for the "Keys of Change" to take place.

Social Modeling: the second way of creating and strengthening self beliefs of efficacy is through the vicarious experiences provided by social models. When an individual thinks or says if he/she can do it, so can I: There is a stronger sense of possibility. However be cautious in the choice of people to observe or relate toJ Blog!! Come to events you will see there is strength in numbers.

Social Persuasion: it's the third way of strengthening people's beliefs that they have what it takes to succeed. People who are persuaded verbally that they have possess the capabilities to master given activities are likely to put in greater effort and sustains it than if they doubt themselves and dwell on personal shortcoming when problems arise. Find a health support person that supports your new lifestyle change, shops with you, explores with you changes with you!

Lastly, Stress Perception Reduction: This is where coming to the seminar and using the support that you have makes this easier. We took you grocery shopping to take or at least help take the guess work out of it. We have staff to help you with planning… food journaling support and a website that gives you great information. It helps hopefully all of this is going to help you and your journey.

So now you have a little bit of information! Please take time to ask for help… seek guidance if you are struggling. There is no reason you can not or will not succeed!

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When I hobbled in just over two years ago, I felt 78 years old! Now I feel 24 years old. I am actually 36. Regular Chiropractic Care from Adjust to Health have given me my life back. I feel Better!

Ann B.
Buffalo, MN

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