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Not only is easy to do but you are helping a good cause!

Check it out!


It is something that you can do right now and yes winter will put a damper on it!


No one will ever convince me that to become the healthiest I can be means going to a gym; doing grueling workouts of squats and lunges… or that I have to jog for hours on end… or that buying a workout video will make me move and look like the people on them… Let me say that some people do like it, but read on…

I have been in the fitness industry for 22 years… My lifestyle, which has dictated what I did and do for my workouts still leaves one ending thought! It isn't what is important. HOWEVER! What I have learned beyond a doubt that ultimately to have a stress reducing, healthy body, mind and spirit, to live to see another day with energy and to spend time with loved ones, means I must! MUST! Put a priority on the health benefits of what activity can do.

Activity comes in many forms! From the no brainer of walking or riding a bike which are widely use modes. Have you ever stopped to think of other alternatives?

· Volunteering at an animal shelter to walk or play with dogs. It gives the animals stress reduction, love and a better chance of being adopted because they get human interaction. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and positive feedback that you have helped a good cause and a animal that relies solely on humans for it's care and love

· Volunteering at the Hospital to rock babies! Yes it is so cool and it counts as activity. The physical and emotional response for both you and the baby is enormous!

· There are plenty of charities that you can either volunteer at or participate in. Check out www.chariiteschallenge.org for you and your family or your Health support person.

These are just a few ideas… There is one subject that is close to my heart and that is music. It has been a part of my family "both sides" . I can't even remember when music wasn't being played or sung or tapped on the table (I even learned to play spoons and the wash board) I have attributed it to getting through all kinds of things…. Happy or sad and everything in between, there is a common bond amongst all people when music is present. The one thing it has had in common with those events is movement and growth and most of healing.

Music Therapy developed out of the healing effect music and rhythm has on the body, mind and spirit. Music and rhythm are an integral part of our everyday lives. We connect time, places and important memories with the emotions that music and rhythm evoke: our attitudes and moods are influenced and even guided by them. Music stimulates neurological pathways and improves communication between the right and left brain. Causes positive changes in blood pressure, Improves muscular activity (see!) improves coordination and reaction times, changes in heart rhythms and adrenal gland function occur….

The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) states that music can help with physical, emotional and mental concerns such as anxiety, depression and cognitive trouble. So let the music play and let the rhythm move you… "yeah it is a song" I know HOME WORK! LISTEN TO MUSIC…. THAT IS ACTIVITY! See what it can do for you! Tell me about your stories! I would love to hear about them and your favorite songs….

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When I hobbled in just over two years ago, I felt 78 years old! Now I feel 24 years old. I am actually 36. Regular Chiropractic Care from Adjust to Health have given me my life back. I feel Better!

Ann B.
Buffalo, MN

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